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Who would like to mod this community [April 25, 9:44 am]

Hi All,

I am looking for someone to take over being the moderator for this community.
Please comment here is you are interested or email me at dollface.lj@gmail.com

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Bad transaction with Adora Pop - Peggy/Justine [September 26, 8:33 pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

*Sorry to have to cross post this - I apologise to those that have already read it*

Hi everyone,

I'm afraid I never thought I would have to post here but I've had a terrible transaction with the above customiser and I'm at my wits end. I didn't want it to get to this stage but since she won't return my emails, I have no other choice.

Cut off hereCollapse )

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Positive Feedback for kuen (from TIB) [August 9, 9:48 am]

I bought a nude Honey Bunny Once More from kuen on the This Is Blythe boards and it was a great transaction! My Honey Bunny arrived super fast from Hong Kong to Australia, and in PERFECT condition. I would definitely buy again.

5/5. Thanks!
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Positive Feedback for vintagedivavixen on TIB [July 31, 10:44 am]

I bought a doll from vintagedivavixen on the This Is Blythe boards recently and it was a fabulous transaction! Doll exactly as described, extremely well (and artistically!)packed, light speed shipping from UK to Oz, great communication throughout the whole sale, very friendly seller, a really wonderful and fun experience :)))

Definitely 5/5 (or even higher LOL)!
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Positive Feedback for QTBEBE [July 11, 10:20 pm]

I just want to leave a glowing positive feedback for QTBEBE from TIB.
I bought White Magic Morning (squeee!!!) from her and it was a *wonderful* transaction. WMM arrived super fast to Australia from Canada, was beautifully packaged, and QTBEBE kept me updated with the sale every step of the way. Plus WMM was exactly as described.
It was such a great buying experience. Having been scammed in the past I swore I would never buy expensive items through a message board again, but WMM was just too gorgeous to pass up. I'm so glad I tried buying on the boards again - QTBEBE is a seller anyone would be thrilled to buy from!
5/5. Absolutely.
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[July 7, 4:23 pm]

I purchased a nude Love Mission from jennifae through TIB. She was very friendly and kept in touch with me through the whole process. The doll arrived in just two days, perfectly packed and in very mint condition. Great transaction, I highly recommend her as a seller!
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[June 24, 1:17 pm]

i bought clothes from ebay seller love_blythe. shipping took 21 days to Sweden on one occasion and 24 days on another. other than shipping being slow, everything went smoothly and i received free gifts on both occasions (a tiny snow white dwarf figurine and a lovely blythe pen).

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[June 24, 1:03 pm]

I recently bought some clothes from Toy Square (www.toys2.net) in Canada. Very speedy shipping, only 4 days to Sweden. On an earlier occasion my order arrived in 6 days.

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LJ user dollies_blood 0/5 stars [June 24, 1:57 pm]

Bought a couple of pairs of Blythe pants from dollies_blood in April, I still have not received the pants.
I have written dollies_blood a couple of emails about it and she hasn't replied to any of them.
Untrustworthy seller. O/5 Stars.
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JR Toys [April 11, 4:22 pm]

Good review for JR Toys (www.jrtoys.net) in Japan. I purchased Love Mission and Cherry Berry from them at a good price. I was given a tracking number and the dolls arrived about a week later. Excellent and speedy service with frequent e-mails!
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pyung99 on Ebay [April 4, 10:46 am]

I recently bought Rouge Noir from Ebay seller pyung99 in Hong Kong. Very speedy shipping, it only took 3 days to Sweden! Perhaps not entirely true it its description ("brand new, never been opened"), because the seal on the inner box had been broken. But the doll was untouched and all accessories intact.
I'd say 4+/5.
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[March 31, 9:18 am]

I bought a nude V-Smash from jennifae and it was a great transaction. Shipping was very fast and I could tell she had been well-packed (sadly, customs opened her on the way and made a horrible, squashy mess of everything, but that was NOT Jenn's fault - the parcel was clearly put together really well on her end!). Smash is in gorgeous condition. I am very, very happy and would highly recommend this seller.
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LJ feedback for Jennifae [March 23, 7:15 pm]

Wanted to leave a positive feedback for jennifae. I bought a nude VM from her through LJ and received her very quickly and in great condition. She was very quick to respond to emails and made the transaction very smooth.
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[March 20, 6:04 pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

ranran88 - GREAT seller. Really fast postage, she posted my Fruit Punch the day I paid! Packed her really well too. 5/5

mcfarlaneking - Got my Samedi Marche Encore at bargin price! Friendly service & fast postage! 5/5

longvale- Purchased cute fabric from her, really great service! 5/5

tigerlily76cats - more fabric & again great service 5/5

suze75 - I probably won't ever shop there again. Really unorganised. I paid for my fabric & 2 weeks later she sends me a payment reminder. I had paid through paypal so the item was automatically marked as paid. Check her feedback & avoid. Took 3 weeks to get fabric. 2/5

cfrye1555 - Has the cutest fabric! I had a special request for her to send it to Canada so afriend could make mesome outfits & she had no problems in doing that. Very nice & friendly seller! 5/5

Thats it for now...

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[March 16, 10:12 pm]

peterpeterpeter4My Abe just arrived today in perfect condition & I found Peter a really nice and patient seller! 5/5

Squeekymonkey- Shirts arrived wonderfully, great quality. Very friendly service 5/5
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yay. [March 13, 2:42 pm]

[ mood | chipper ]


Jooli.com Dollsville shop-I recently purchased one of the salwar kameez creations. Wonderfully executed, extremely researched, lovely results. I adore the outfit, absolutely perfect in every way. Expensive when you compare it to other places, but you get what you pay for. It's very unique (creating outfits from different cultures around the world.) And when I got it, I was surprised by a few extra goodies. 5/5.

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[March 13, 3:55 pm]


Lupi's Boutique- http://laboutiquedelupi.blogspot.com/

5/5 I cannot reccomend Isidora's clothes enough. Not only are they utterly gorgeous
but they are exceedingly well priced & came in beautiful packaging. A total must for
all Blythe lovers :)
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[March 13, 11:23 am]


ranran88 I bought a VM from her. She was great! She was very helpful and put the doll in the mail immediately after I won the auction. 5/5

mikecr1 I bought RN's outfit from her, as well as a wig and some other accessories. She was very courteous and packed the items well, but they smelled very strange when I got them. Smoke maybe? The wig especially reeked. I won't buy from her again because of it, even though she was very nice. 3/5

zeetzeet I buy fabric from her all the time. She's AWESOME and her fabric is beautiful. 5/5

thespincycle Another seller I buy fabric from regularly. She's super reliable and her prices are great. 5/5


Crescent-Shop.com I just used them as an escrow service for Yahoo Japan for the first time. They are really helpful and their service is a cinch to use. However, they put their shipping price up in the middle of my transaction. It was 2400 Y for EMS to North America and now it's 3200 Y, I'm sure it was the post office and not Crescent Shop's fault (I've seen increases among other sellers for S&H from Japan) but notification would have been nice. I would recommend them but be aware that your S&H costs could change without notification. 4/5

Blythedressingroom.com Cuuuute stuff. I bought a bunch of dresses from them last year and am eyeing a few more to add to my collection. Their service was great, no hassles at all. 5/5
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1st Feedback [March 13, 9:47 pm]

[ mood | busy ]


ronnicshop Brought MWN from him, very good to deal with & she can in perfect condition. 5/5

mangggirl I have actually brought the pack of 4 eye chips for $16 from him twice now & LOVE the eye chips! I reccomened everyone get some! 5/5

mimiwoo I have been using mimi to buy things from for years & she is AWESOME!I got Puppy on a date & Fluffy Cuddly. 5/5

guyzanddollz4 Got my MRB from him. Great seller & great prices. She got here really quickly too! 5/5

koichikks A really nice lady! I got a Sugar Mags dress from her & it is lovley. 5/5

minikitty67 Got a bunch of Blythe shoes from, they are ok for the price I paid but the service was fantasitc! 5/5

pos_sum Got a beautiful genuine Blythe wallet from her for a bargin price! 5/5

mithna Blythe sized couches from this lady who was VERY nice & the couch is good quality. 5/5

natalie622 I love Natalie, this woman makes ebay a absolute pleasure! I have been buying from her for years & recently got a few Petites from Natalie. 5/5

siuvivianne AKA Milkyway Designs. I love Vivianne's stuff. Good quality & so funky! 5/5


faerysequins - AWESOME DRESS, I am so in love with it I think it has to come to Hong Kong with Rosey!!! 5/5

Takano- TIB For the last few months I have been getting some things made and they are wonderful! She is lovley & we have started a doll friendship :) 5/5

Brainworm The eye chips are just amazing! I got 8 pairs of different coloured plain chips & they are truley stunning!5/5

I have more coming but thats it for now :)

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[March 13, 9:46 pm]

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to Blythe Feedback. I hope this will be a useful LJ reference for you all!
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